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"Functionally Effective Training in Your Home, At Your Convenience"

A good dog is loyal, obedient and trustworthy and self confident and a good friend forever.
A good dog is also adaptive and forgiving and eager to learn, making it too easy for the well intentioned, yet misguided owner or trainer to completely destroy a good dog's potential.

Now new applications of behavior modification theories can channel your dog's intelligence and enthusiasm with startling effectiveness!

If you and your dog are going to live happily together, you're both going to have to come to some sort of mutual understanding. The key ingredient is the development of a form of "communication" that is best achieved thru an intelligent program of obedience training.

Many breeds have an instinctive "people sense" - an unswerving loyalty and desire to please their master. With an early start, and appropriate conditions, a workable version of "people sense" can be instilled in almost any dog.


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