Is your dog to much for you to handle or train? Maybe you are going on vacation and need the convenience of dog training while you are away! Our boarding services are limited to trainees and veterans of our program. Most canidates for boarding usually spend 14 days in training prior to returning home. Some, however, require a more lengthy stay. During this process each trainee is taught the basic commands of No, Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, and Come. Two private in-home sessions are required to complete the program.

The Facilities:
Each dog is housed in a 20 ft. X by 4 ft. area, of which 20 sq. ft. is air conditioned. There is plenty of space for the dog to move about freely and comfortably.

The Diet:
Our residents are well attended to. Every effort is made to ensure your dog has a healthy and beneficial experience, including food, water, exercise, and love! If your pet has a special diet, we suggest that you provide the food during the dog's stay.

For more information or to arrange for the your dog's boarding, please email us or call us at 623-878-6429.


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