We offer three basic training programs, each specifically designed to train your dog in a distinct behavioral manner.

Home Program
We provide a custom program, directed to your specific needs and objectives, on a one-to-one basis, in your home. This individual attention program, conducted in the dog's familiar environment, is the most effective means for rapid progress. We discuss thoroughly the principles, concepts. theories and rationale involved in the training program, systematically introducing and demonstrating all procedures, as each session progresses. Your complete involvement from the beginning is desired, as we are, in reality, teaching you to teach your dog. Appointments are arranged at your convenience, including weekends and evenings, and may be adjusted as your schedule changes.

We believe the home program is the most convenient and cost-effective for you, as all
efforts can be specifically directed to your dog and the program desired. Obedience training, for example, requires five weeks on the average under this program. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and propose a program suited to your objectives.

Code 5 Program
This program is designed to provide basic obedience training on the most economical basis.
A balance of group economy and individual attention is achieved by limiting groups to 4-6 dogs for the first five weeks. This period covers the concept and theories of the Paw Power method of dog training, and the basic commands of heel, sit, stay, down and come. The second four-week period is conducted in groups of 6-10 dogs and is designed as a brush-up process (taking new, rough-edged obedience and adding polish). The group size provides an excellent opportunity for conditioning your dog's obedience in relation to heavy distractions and is especially appropriate for those who plan to "show" their dog. (We recommend this second four-week session for all dogs involved in our other programs.)

Code 5 sessions are held at various convenient locations and times. Contact us for inclusion
in an upcoming group near you, or organize your own group from among friends.

Protection Program
Training your dog as a family protector and as an alarm and guard system for the home is a desirable and effective way to deal with the rising crime rate. Several breeds have strong natural instincts in this area, and can be developed into outstandingly effective deterrents. Most other breeds can adapt with varying degrees of success.

There are many misconceptions in this area and methods and types of training vary widely Many people mistakenly group them all together as "killer dog" or "vicious attack dog" training. (There are, of course, certain professional applications for dog that, to the unknowledgeable, appear to fit this extreme definition; however they are not appropriate in the home). Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to see dogs turned into mean, unpredictable "fear biters" through inept, heavy-handed training or treatment, adding to the misconceptions. Sadly, in many of these cases, the only safe solution to the situation is to destroy the dog.

We do not teach or approve of "attack" training of dogs in the home.

Protection training is a completely different process, based on the dog's defensive response
to aggression or suspicious action, with the emphasis on control. Your dog is conditioned to be alert to any possibility of aggression against you, your family and property, to respond in kind to aggressive acts or threats, and to "turn-off" instantly, at your command. Our training is programmed in such a way that your dog's personality is in no way altered. He will be the same lovable companion, but more self-confident, relaxed and sure of himself and of his role
in the family.

This program is initiated in the home environment, and progressively transferred to other appropriate situations as required. Obedience training is a pre-requisite, and the total program averages from 10-15 weeks. The results of this training are particularly satisfying to both master and dog, and references are available to those interested.

Custom Programs
We also offer custom training programs for the unusual or specific requirements involving children, shut-ins, handicapped, and special business situations.

For more information regarding custom or any of the structured programs offered, please email us or call us at 623-878-6429.


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