Some words from a few of our recent clients...

"There is no doubt we would not have Stanlee today, had it not been for Brutsche Dog Training... we would recommend Dan to anybody with a basic junk yard dog or a Prima Dana Chihuahua... especially if your personal relationships; clothing; furniture; and general health are all going down the toilet simultaneously.

We are happy to have this opportunity to recommend Dan."

Jay, Linda, and Stanlee Moyer

"While driving by the park one day, we saw a dog class in session. We watched in amazement as dogs, big and small, young and old, performed commands without running away or begging for a treat. I was sold on the training and called Dan the next day. Toto started the basic obedience class two months ago- at first, it was pretty tough on him, letting him know we were the boss not him. But after all the hard work and constant practice, he is a brand new dog! Thanks Dan for your expertise!"

Warmest Regards,
Carlo Shaw

"This is to recommend Dan Brutsche Dog training as an outstanding service here in our valley. As a dog owner who required obedience training for both my dog, Max, and myself, I am grateful for all that Dan has done for us. And, I am happy that we continue to be involved and helped by his regular group follow-up and socialization sessions."

Ronald S. Dow

We will be pleased to put you in contact with previous and current clients, as the results
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